6 tips to get likes on Instagram without hashtags

Riding On The Instagram Popularity Charts: 6 Tips To Get Likes On Instagram Without Hashtags

A brief search about the utility of Instagram will acquaint you with a plethora of reasons which are appropriate if you are debating against a staunch follower of traditionalist philosophy.

Reasons like it helps you to keep up with your friends and folks, share the important moments of your life or increase the growth of your business might seem decent if you are about to write an essay over the relevance of social media for the current times.

However, as a matter of fact, everyone knows that ultimately, it is the numbers that count. 

The currency that counts!

If Instagram rose to the status of a nation one day, likes would definitely be the trending currency globally! Such is the power of Instagram likes that they can help you to assess the personality and popularity of the individual without batting an eyelid. 

power of instagram likes

The entire algorithm of these social networking platforms revolves around showing you what you are really interested in and to make sure that you are always off the top of the head of your followers, getting more likes is essentially the key. 

An endless world of possibilities

instagram viral egg

Planning your Instagram strategy in an efficient manner exposes you to a sea of opportunities. The platform, in itself is ablaze with multiple opportunities for its users. It is a world where a picture of an egg can beat a global celebrity like KylieJenner on the basis of the likes received and make the creators and the page popular overnight!

Hush the hashtags!

A major challenge faced by Instagram is that not many people are aware of the right strategies that need to be followed to capitalise on the opportunities that the platform has to offer. Ask any influencer about how to get popular and they will all answer unanimously to use more hashtags. 

No doubt the concept of using hashtags for your Instagram posts is great but one must not swear it by his life! Hashtag marketing is a smart strategy but there are other smarter ways to increase Instagram likes on your posts without having to rely on those heavy hashtags, some of which are not even relevant to the subject of your post. 

Learn from the veterans 

Before diving into deep waters, let us test the shallow surfaces to gain insights into what actually works on Instagram. Just have a look at the official Instagram handle of your favourite brand of food, clothing or entertainment. Try not to get stuck at the picture and shift your attention to the post. Do you find these posts overburdened with heavy hashtags? Certainly not! Does it have any effect on their popularity? Of course not! 

There is no hard and fast rule of using hashtags for your post and it is certainly not the sure shot indicator of your popularity. So, stop panicking about having to memorise less of hashtags for your next insta post and try out the Instagram likes tips enumerated below.

Caption is the captain of your ship

The Instagram caption says a lot about the personality of your brand or you as an individual. Gone are the days when people used to borrow intellectual or funny quotes from google and paste them as their captions. 

caption this

Nowadays, people crave for originality as it helps them connect with the post. Ryan Reynolds has earned the title of a ‘witty and humorous’ celebrity because of his captions on Instagram. Remember how his Christmas post from last became a huge sensation across all major social media platforms? Well, such is the power of authentic captions on Instagram. 

Tagging over hashtag-ing!

If you are still sobbing over the reduction in your hashtags, this tip shall light up your day! Tagging authentic and relevant accounts for your Instagram posts allows you to boost the engagement of the audience. Now, this would be a relevant tip if you are planning to be an influencer or blogger on Instagram. 

photo tags on instagram

Tagging your post with the right accounts can help you to capitalise on the search algorithm in a perfect manner. For instance, if you have posted a picture wearing an alluring dress and have a distinguishing hairdo and makeup, make sure to tag the designer and the brand along with the makeup products and brands that you have used to create the look.

Many a times, the brands are likely to feature you in their stories and posts which will certainly act as a booster for your Instagram popularity. However, make sure to tag them in your caption too so that you may sound authentic.

Participate in the engagement groups

Your Instagram engagement is your Disneyland when it comes to getting instant likes and comments on your post. An engagement group can be created by users who are all involved in a similar niche on Instagram. 

As soon as you have uploaded a new post on Instagram, one direct message from you will inform your engagement group members about your post and they shall readily like and comment on your post, creating a buzz. 

Time your tale

Your tale to Instagram success and popularity must be times correctly or else it might turn out to be a debacle. Relax for you do not need to consult extensive market research to get the answer for this mystery. The key to decoding this mystery lies in your awareness.

Quite a few tools are designed to help the people to decipher the golden hours for posting your content on Instagram. You can make use of them to understand when your audience is most active. 

Scheduling the frequency of your content

A great Instagram influencer is the one who generates multiple great ideas at regular intervals. Taking too much time to post your content might push you into oblivion. Now this is tricky for there are no definite guidelines for the budding influencers. Just make sure that your new post must come up before your audience forget about your last one.

scheduling instagram posts

However, many marketers face the dilemma of consistency vs frequency which is certainly not the case. You Instagram feed must brag of quality post which is shared at regular time intervals on the app. This is exactly where scheduling your Instagram posts swoops in.

Instagram certainly has the potential to turn you into a celebrity. However, it is up to your skill of capitalising on the platform and how to get likes on Instagram with the available tools. So, don’t wait up and grab on your chance to become the next “viral egg” of Instagram! 

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