Climb The Popularity Charts: How To Become Insta-Famous Fast And Free

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in recent times which enjoys more than 600 million users on a monthly basis. Most people check their Instagram accounts 5-6 times a days which includes scrolling through the news feed and looking for interesting content on the social media platform. The algorithm of the Instagram is also designed in a manner that it assesses the interests of the user and displays results accordingly. 

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So, the quintessential question that arises here is that why should you continue reading the reading?

What’s in it for you? Well, to begin with, the article shall acquaint you with the world of possibilities that lies ahead of you. Instead of using the app to scroll down the feed, you can make use of the platform to make the people turn back and scroll down your feed!

Getting famous is easy!

Have you ever come across the profile of someone you used to know from your school, coaching, gym or music class only to realise that they have a whopping list of followers and their Instagram feed is flooded with comments from people all across the world? 

Well, if you have not been through this phase of your life journey, you are in luck! However, for those of you who have been through the stage of self-reflection and questioning, here is a little insight for you. Firstly, popularity on Instagram is not a measure of your talent but a measure of your awareness of the recent Instagram trends and some skills and instincts. 

Instagram acts as a huge industry in itself where you do not even need to draw the audience closer to the platform because as a matter of fact, they already are! However, what you shall be needing is the skill to manoeuvre the platform in an appropriate manner so that it earns you accolades and rewards. 

Board the ship that leads to Success Island 

If you are wondering about how your childhood acquaintance has turned into a huge travel blogger or the guy with the guitar has earned a fan following in ‘Ks’, we would want to assure you that it is no big deal. 

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If you have a knack for some art form or are fond of pursuing any activity on a regular basis, feel free to share it with the world while we give you tips on how to become famous on Instagram. Don’t wait up and board the ship before it sails!

It all starts with a small step 

Care for something motivational? Well, Neil Armstrong referred to the giant step of mankind as ‘a small step’, thus making people capable of dreaming about it and beyond. 

To fit this quote in the current scenario of Instagram, it can be rightly said that the journey towards Instagram popularity begins with a few hundred dedicated followers and a firm resolute. Yes, do not panic when we put it like that because you need to dedicate the right amount of time and energy if you wish to monetise from the platform. 

Content that conquers them all

Instagram is hands down a platform which runs because of its content. Content enhancement has helped multiple brands to develop a specific fan base and increase their popularity. Ryan Reynolds is known for his brilliant wit and humour which he capitalised on while launching his smartphone brand ‘Mint Mobiles’. The consumers who bought the plans admitted that the brand appeals to them because of the Instagram content and humours adds it shares. Do you need to know anything else?

Content Instagram ideas

What essentially means is that make you content worth the wait and you shall automatically draw more audience towards you. Make your content the king of your feed because it will want the users to scroll down your feed and even follow you to get regular updates from you. Always remember, following someone on Instagram does not cost a penny but all it requires is to strike a common chord with the person. 

Quality issues

Remember the food blogger who posts mouth-watering images of different cuisines? Or the beauty blogger whose DIY makeup vlogs are so easy and fresh? Does it not make you scroll down their feed to know more about their content? Well, it surely does and there is no doubt about this fact.

Quality is an essential requisite which must not be compromised with. Do not forget to pay attention to your quality while you are on a rush to update your feed on a regular basis. It’s true that natural is the best but a little tweaking always helps! Get yourself updated with various apps that are appropriate for the kind of content that you share. 

Thoughtful selection of feed will add to the aesthetic value of your page which in turn would help you to garner more fan following.

great instagram photos

Photographs are the key to your Instagram profile. Focus on the quality of your pictures and make it seem as natural as possible. An aesthetically clicked picture says a lot about your maturity as an artist, no matter what the field is. You do not have to be a professional photographer and compete with the superiors in the industry. All that you need is the right instincts and aesthetics and not to forget, a group of supportive friends who are ready to capture your creativity all the time!

Working your way through hashtags

The trend of hashtags began with twitter and the obsessions has spread over to Instagram in quite a lesser time. Hashtags allow you to include you post in a certain category and with the right strategy, you can capitalise on these hashtags to earn popularity and become famous on Instagram.

instagram hashtags

However, working your way through these hashtags is something which requires a great deal of thought on part of the blogger or the instagrammer. This is because you have to realise that not all the hashtags are as effective as some. For instance, if you use the hashtag ‘cute’ or ‘beautiful’, you might not be able to get the right amount of popularity. This is because this hashtag will probably have millions of post under it and thus, there are chances that you post might drown into it. 

It is for this reason that you must use the hashtags which are right for the niche in which you are working. The importance of a well-chosen hashtag is realised only when you see likes and comments flooding in your post. 

Do not underestimate the engagement groups

Before embarking upon your journey to fame and popularity, make sure to check the profile of your favourite influencer on Instagram. You will notice that their comment section is flooded with users who are engaged in a similar field as theirs. 

For instance, if your favourite influencer is a food reviewer, the people who comment on their pictures shall also be food bloggers or reviewers. Well, before you start to assume that you may also have to make friends from your field on becoming an influencer and getting famous, hear us out!

engagement groups

What creates magic on your Instagram profile is the engagement groups. Actually, engagement groups are meant to enhance the popularity of your Instagram profile, considering you know how to use them wisely. Engagement groups are created by people who share a similar interest on Instagram. Whenever you share a new post on the social media app, one text from you will be sent to the members of your engagement group and they will be notified about it. The next you see, your post shall be full of comments and likes of people from your community. 

Feel free to connect

Popularity on Instagram does not come in a day. You need to work hard, build your fan base, and retain the existing ones. Building relationships on Instagram is a great way to enhance your recognition on the social networking app. However, retaining the existing ones is as important and essential to keep your followers active on your profile. 

Building and expanding your followers is a matter of engaging with your followers. Here are some tips that you can follow to establish engagement-

  • Say it out loud- your pictures might be quite communicative but your captions are really the way to say it in style. Captions offer a certain dimension to the post and allow the viewer to get insight into the personality of the influencer. Instagram is all about establishing personal connections with people and your captions are certainly the way to do it. 
instagram captions

Make use of original captions instead of borrowing one from google. Feel free to tell an interesting story or give an anecdote or say something that sounds amusing to the user. 

  • Like for like and comment for comment- another great way to interact with your followers and make them your friends and acquaintances. Send love and good thoughts to people who like or comment on your picture and make sure to not sound like a spammer! Lately, Instagram has become quite alert about the alarming number of spammers on the platform and it is because of this reason that you must be careful with your words. 
  • Build your own hashtags- you must have observed a recent trend whereby people make use of their own hashtags for functions like their weddings. Well, it’s not that they want to show off their wedding but it is done so as to popularise the post on Instagram. 
create your own hashtag

All the post related to the hashtag that you have created are posted by using that particular hashtag only. What more? You can even put up the hashtag on your Instagram bio and ask your friends to tag you using the same. This shall create a huge cluster of post relating to the hashtag that you have created which shall give you instant popularity!

  • Collab and share your styles- a major trend on Instagram goes by the name of collaboration which not only helps the collaborators to earn new fan following but at the same time, offers fresh content to the viewers. Think of the time when the release of ‘Avengers’ was way more anticipated than the release of individual superhero movies! 

However, before collaborating with your friends and fellow influencers, plan out how do you want to execute your plan. In order to capitalise on the buzz created, make sure your content is something that is desired by both of your followers. This can be a visit to the local food stall, a jamming session, beauty vlog, travel diaries, or anything of your preference. 

As a matter of fact, Instagram is the instant ladder to popularity and fame in the recent times. Many Instagram influencers who have tapped the market in a strategic manner are able to monetise the platform to earn recognition and obviously money. Instagram has quite a dynamic and extensive monetisation policy and rates, thus offering a pretty decent motivation to invest your time and energy to the platform.

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So, if you have ever sent a ‘Make me famous on Instagram’ wish to your fairy godmother, here was the answer! Remember these tips before posting your next photo on Instagram.

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